Looking For Leads In All The Right Places

LOOKING FOR LEADS IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES is designed to teach REALTORS® how to increase their earning potential through inexpensive methods of prospecting for residential and commercial clients, allowing agents to keep more of their money. Without prospecting, nothing else matters. If REALTORS® aren't prospecting, they aren't prospering . Many new REALTORS® ask the question, “Where do I start?” and many experienced REALTORS® ask, “What am I doing wrong?”. This course answers both questions with some new twists.

This course will give the new or experienced REALTOR® a thorough understanding of a variety of prospecting methods that work in every market and on any budget. Taught in a fun and high-energy style, this course is sure to increase business for REALTORS® at any level of their career.

Johnny Loewy