Douglas Yates


Residential/ Commercial Real Estate and Short Sale Processing- Doug Yates has been in the Real Estate industry as a Mortgage Banker since 1992. His experience in finance, sales and Real Estate Investments has led to helping his family, friends and clients, distressed and affluent, with what the next steps should be to protect themselves from their current and future real estate holdings during any economic volatility. 

From a unique position of working directly with Realtors, homeowners and customers, Doug has transformed his business plan to coincide with the real estate industry needs, Short Sale Processing. Doug and his partner have created an exceptional platform where Realtors and their distressed homeowners can reduce their aggravations by not having to waste their time "on hold" or meddling in the details with the banks. They can focus on being more productive with their time. Realtors and clients do not have a thing to lose because there is NO out of pocket cost to them. Hence, the reason Realtors are flocking to have their Short Sale files processed by his company. 

Doug understands how important communication is to his clients. Therefore, the processors get assigned to the Realtor and become like a personal assistant to them without being added to their payroll. Tumultuous times in real estate puts his service as high demand to all Realtors. Any "perfect storm" is one that can be tamed, then easily navigated by the use of Doug's expertise!


Speaker, Sales and Marketing, Mortgage Banking, International Banking, Motivator and best of all...a Dad of 6 great kids.

Douglas Yates - Franchisee

10655 Park Run Dr. Suite 100
Las Vegas, Nevada

Phone: (702) 949-2409
Cell: (702) 521-5626
Fax: (877) 733-7059

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